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Second grade is a special year as students prepare for the sacraments of Reconciliation and First Communion. For the second grade retreat, Fr. Timothy celebrated Mass and did an excellent job explaining the meaning behind what we do in the Mass.  Father asked if any of the second graders or their moms has heard the saying “your Sunday best,” and then explained how the chasuble, the outer vestment the priest wears, was considered the best clothes you could wear back in the times of the Romans.  As the retreat was a week before Thanksgiving, Father also took advantage to explain that we might think the tradition of Thanksgiving is old and has been around for hundreds of years, but, compared to our faith and certain aspects of the Mass, Thanksgiving is just a baby because these other traditions have been around for thousands of years.

After Mass, moms had some fellowship time, followed by a brief reflection and the opportunity to go to confession.  To wrap up the retreat each mom helped their child make a reconciliation guidebook, in preparation for the sacraments they will receive this year.