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During middle school religion classes, three times a semester students may sign up for a virtue committee, create a project, and get chosen to do the project they envision.  Madelyn Krappmann and Grace Anderson signed up for the committee: “To the ends of the Earth” (Acts 1:8). This required them to think of a community need within or outside Everest and propose a work of mercy to fill it.

The project they came up with was an all-academy clothes drive, in which they collected winter clothes for people in need, and deliver them to the Capuchin Soup Kitchen this Thanksgiving.

“I think it’s amazing that we got an opportunity to help in the community because a lot of times on television and newspapers you’ll see stories of people doing amazing things, and you look at it and say: ‘Oh, how can I do that? That’s amazing!’ But then you think, “I could never do that I have this and this,” or “I’m just a kid.” This project shows that no matter what your age is or what your schedule looks like, you can always organize something to help the community.” Madelyn Krappmann

“This project made me feel really loved because we were caring for other people and able to get people warm for the winter for them to be able to be happy and not shivering while begging for money and food.” Grace Anderson