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This November EC sophomore girls all met at St. Mary’s Retreat Center in Oxford for some time away with each other and with God.  The retreat gave the students ample time for prayer and reflection, for which they were very grateful, as is illustrated below in their own words:

“This retreat helped me to take a break from all the stresses in my life and to focus on my relationship with God and my classmates.” -Celeste

“The retreat inspired me to take a deep look into my conscience and utilize the tools provided to me in life.” -Andrea

“The retreat was very calming and a chance to do some self-reflection because of the quiet time we had.  It helped me to realize the love the Father has for every one of us.” -Celine

From preschool to senior year, every class has the opportunity to participate in an annual class retreat. As students enter high school, the retreats are overnight opportunities which provide not only an opportunity for the students to grow closer to God but also to one another.