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It was an EC fall season that made history. The following athletes have been recognized with honors by the Catholic High School League or their respective coaches associations nominations:


All Catholic: Dominic Cross, Jack Lasceski, Giovanni Mastromatteo, Michael McGrath, John Suran

All League: Johnny Nedwick, Joey Thibodeau

All Academic: Fernando Caccia

(Football All State nominations will be completed after the conclusion of the season.)



All Catholic: Lucas Cross, Alexander Earnhardt, Matthew Stafford

All League: Jack Cross, Fernando Caccia, Luke Walker

All Academic: Eddie Dominguez

1st Team All State: Lucas Cross

All State Honorable Mention: Luke Walker, Alexander Earnhardt, Matthew Stafford

All State Academic: Fernando Caccia, Eduardo Dominguez, Matthew Stafford

All District: Johnny Morrison, Anthony Felix, Jack Cross, Fernando Caccia, Eduardo Dominguez

Team -4th Consecutive All State Academic

Cross Country

All Catholic: Avery Herrgott, Theresa Waller, Caroline Cross

All League: Alyse Felix

Academic All State: Avery Herrgott, Theresa Waller


All Catholic: Daniella Mirjah

All League: Sydney Cooper, Elyse Duhaime

All Academic: Jane Nedwick


Scholastic All Catholic

Scholastic All Catholic students were recognized at the CHSL Prep Bowl: Mary Beth Williams, Madeleine Arbogast, Colleen Walker, Danielle Brown, Stephen Czach, Nathaniel Beggs, Sawyer Arbogast, Luke Abraham, Celeste James, John Morrison