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EC drama hit the stage again the weekend of November 8-10 for the school’s 22nd performance, this time featuring Nooses Off. EC drama instructor, Mrs. Lia DiFonzo, shared how this play brought something new to EC drama. “Theatre can be used as a social means to get an audience to think about a relevant topic, feel connected to a character, and be moved to action. I often try to choose shows that do this; however, the students this year begged me to do a comedy. When we think of comedy, we think silly, and this show is a bit of that (ok, a lot!). But comedy is “comedy” because it represents real life. What could be more realistic for us than showing our audience what it takes to produce a show?”

The 42 cast and crew members prepared for the show since early in the school year. Three performances took place over the weekend for fellow students, parents, alumni, grandparents, and friends. The plot showed a rehearsal for the play in the first act. Then, in the second act, the set was turned around, and the audience found themselves backstage during the cast’s performance of their own play. Laughter echoed throughout as the cast faced the inevitable ups and downs of putting on a play.