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Halloween was just two week ago, right? Halloween always marks a shift in the school year for the international students. It seems to be the time of year when the whirlwind of arrival, full immersion, new school, new teachers, new classes, new friends, and a new culture start to slow their spinning. Every year the students look forward to the opportunity to trick-or-treat and experience the American celebration of the holiday. New friendships continue to blossom as the opportunity to spend time with each other is more meaningful.

This year students enjoyed visiting the homes of local day students as always. Seventh-grade girls enjoyed gathering at the Pearce’s home and carving pumpkins! Thanks for hosting us!

But that’s not all… some generations of international students have had to wait until late in the year for a snow day, but not this year. With an unprecedented early snow day on November 12, the international students have experienced yet another first enjoying playing in the snow and – especially – a day off from school!