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Junior year is demanding for many reasons – ACT/SAT testing, difficult course work, and dedication to extracurricular activities – making the junior girls’ class retreat a much-needed and welcomed break.  And isn’t that the very meaning of the word “retreat”?  Each year students have the opportunity as a class to “withdraw from the battle”, to go away for a while, reflect, pray, and recharge.  This year the juniors spent time reflecting on their hearts – what fills them and how they want to make more room for Jesus – and how they can manage stress to achieve more peace.

The junior girls were the first Everest group to try out a new location, Subiaco Retreat House, and they loved it.  Formation coordinator Jill Swallow had this to say: “The grounds are really beautiful, especially this time of year with all the colorful leaves, and the girls enjoyed a few moments to walk around, find God in nature, and take pictures.  The girls also thought it was pretty cool that their delicious breakfast was made and served by a Benedictine monk!  Another highlight for many of them was the closing affirmation activity where they had a chance to show their classmates how much they appreciate and value them.”

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