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Today is All Saints’ Day! Everest Academy elementary students have been preparing for this day by learning about specific saints and sharing presentations with their classes. Students had the opportunity to learn something new about holy men and women who set an example of faith and virtue.

Fourth-grader Nora shared, “My favorite thing about my saint project is that she was not Catholic at all when she was born, and she soon got baptized and became Catholic.”

Older students prepared PowerPoint presentations and poster boards while younger students wrote paragraphs about their saints and made paper bag saints.

Students also reflected on their goals to be a saint. Fifth-grader Hannah shared, “I want to be a saint because I want to meet God.”

Brandon, also in fifth grade, wants to be a saint “because it shows that you truly love God and devoted your life to honor the Lord.”

Fourth-grader Jonah wants to be a saint “because they are loving and kind.” His classmate Johnny wants to be a saint “because saints get to go to heaven.”

Today Everest students participated in All Saints’ Day Mass and will have games and activities to celebrate this afternoon.


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