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Congratulations to the August and September  Mountaineers of the Month! Our elementary students exemplified the virtue of the month of self-discipline in August and the virtue of charity in September. Our middle school students focused charity: witnessing God’s love. The Mountaineers of the Month were recognized at the monthly spirit assembly.

Jax Tillman

“Jax is quick to do what is asked of him and waits patiently for his classmates to follow suit. He is always quick to help his friends, but still knows how to stay focused and on task. In these short few weeks of Junior Kindergarten, Jax has already been a wonderful example to his peers of self-discipline and managing his time in the most effective way.”

-Mrs. Reichert, Junior Kindergarten

Joshua Sarnecki

Josh does a fantastic job of listening attentively, staying in his seat, and raising his hand when he has something to share. He has a positive attitude and is respectful to his fellow students.

-Mrs. Ohlinger, Third Grade

Marianne Schmitt

“Marianne has exemplified the virtue of charity all month.  Everyday Marianne does something nice to help her classmates and her teacher.  She is quick to notice the needs of others and is usually the first one to offer help.”

– Mrs. Reichert, Junior Kindergarten

Vincent Mirjah

“Vincent exemplifies the virtue of charity by all of the little things he does. He is constantly giving and sharing of his school supplies, snacks, and his gifts and talents. He is charitable and respectful to his classmates and has a joyful spirit that is evident in his daily smile.”

– Mrs. Ohlinger, Third Grade

Rebecca Berney

“Since the first day of school, Rebecca has consistently exhibited the virtue of charity. She has extended her heart and friendship to the new international students in multiple ways.  I have witnessed her helping the girls with their locker combinations, showing them which books they need to take to class, and helping them find their classroom. While in the classroom, she patiently takes time away from her own work to answer questions from her new international friends about their assignments. Rebecca is also kind and patient with all of her classmates and is the first to volunteer help to others. Rebecca is a wonderful example of the virtue of charity.”

– Mrs. Cook, Sixth Grade

Clare Terbrack

“Clare exemplifies the virtue of charity. She is the first one to offer help to a classmate or a teacher. She offers her time, talent, and treasure with a smile on her face. It is a joy to have Clare in my class because I know she will work hard and she will always think of others before herself.”

– Mrs. Beggs, Seventh Grade