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Everest parents make an investment in their children’s education by choosing a values-based education. The cost of private education is not insignificant. The sacrifice is doubled when parents who invest in private education are aware that their tax dollars are being used to fund local public schools, which often oppose the very values they are seeking for their children’s education.

This article written by the Archdiocese of Detroit Superintendent of Catholic Schools, Kevin Kijewski, was published in the American Spectator recently. It’s a fairly quick read, and the superintendent has a well-founded, analytical approach to a topic that needs to become a more central part of the national conversation on education reform. His message is one that can enable us to make that same message part of the larger national conversation. As the superintendent states, “Parents and taxpayers want the freedom to support the schools that best serve their students – an outcome that benefits those students, their families, and the country as a whole. And there is abundant proof that values-based schools and the discipline of the market produce good results.”

Everest is grateful for the school leadership in the Archdiocese of Detroit for leading the way on these important topics.