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Earlier this month, the middle school students participated in their yearly integration trips. The boys traveled to Our Lady of the Fields Camp in Brighton, and the girls returned to YMCA Camp Copneconic in Fenton.

Before heading out to Camp Copneconic, the girls were handed a small bag with a few beads that were unique to each girl in the class. “We know that all of us are created unique, and no one else can give to others what each one of you has to offer,” Miss Gaby, middle school formation coordinator, explained to them. As they spent time with each girl in their class and got to know each other better, the girls were to exchange one of their beads and enrich each one’s collection. It was a symbol of what happens when we enrich ourselves with everyone’s gifts.

Some of the opportunities to have fun with their friends and spend time together included a high-ropes course, canoeing, building a fire, team building activities, and other games. As always, one of the highlights was to be able to spend a night all together as a class.

Before going to bed, during night prayers, they also got to spend time, and therefore, exchange their treasure with their best of friends, Jesus.

Our Lady of the Field Camp was a new destination for the middle school boys.  The camp’s 164 acres offer the feel up being up north surrounded by trees and a serene waterfront.  One of the hallmark features of the camp is the beautiful St. George Shrine chapel built close to the water and the boys had the opportunity to attend mass on both days.  The primary objective of the integration trip early in the school year is to engage the boys in team building activities together as a class and with their teachers.  One of our main goals was to help them learn to appreciate and respect the talents of each classmate, integrate with the new international students, and, most importantly, grow closer to Christ.  The boys participated in many activities with specific goals in mind which included high ropes, low ropes, team building activities, and sports.