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The Everest Collegiate cross country team took time at practice to prepare 125 lunches to be distributed to the homeless in Detroit the following day. The project was organized by team captains Molly Milosch and Kate Funke. The girls divided up the materials that were needed. Coach challenged them to consider purchasing the materials with their own money rather than asking their parents, truly making the project their act of charity for those in need.

The team talked about how they could share God’s love with those who would receive the lunches even though they wouldn’t meet them. They wrote messages of hope and encouragement on the bags, and made the lunches with as much care as they could. Once all the lunches were prepared, the team made a visit to the chapel to pray for those who would receive the lunches. Sophomore Celine Legg commented that it was very helpful to think about who they were serving through the project, that it made it meaningful.

Service projects are important to the team, and they all agreed they are an integral part of the season. In addition to the importance of spreading God’s love, the team bonds over serving together. Junior Maggie Smith commented that she realized how important teamwork is by the amount required to successfully complete the project. Senior Kate Funke commented that doing charity and working together to accomplish the project draws the girls closer as a team.

It struck Maggie Smith that, “Coach had commented how comparatively we live really cushy lives, and doing that project put our lives into perspective. We were just making PBJ but for another person that changes their whole day.”