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Everest Collegiate’s student government elections took place during the second week of September. Candidates created posters which were displayed in the hallway stairwell with their campaigns. Voting took place at the end of the week. Winners were announced by last year’s student government leaders during Monday’s morning announcements, before the new leadership took over the task the following morning.

As a school offering gender-specific education on a co-ed campus, Everest Collegiate completed a building transition two years ago bringing all the high school students under one roof. This made it is easier for the student government to transition to one president and one vice president this year. Previously there was a separate presidents and vice presidents for the girls and boys whose classes were in separate buildings.

The newly elected candidates got to work right away with their first student government meeting on Tuesday, September 17. Dean of discipline Erin Van Wagoner shared that the student government has some exciting plans for homecoming week next week. They have also begun planning for some initiatives for the year. Congratulations to the new student government!

This year’s EC student government is:

Student Government President:  Annelise James

Vice President:  Eduardo Dominguez

Treasurer:  Sydney Cooper

Secretary:  Jane Nedwick

Senior class reps:  Mary Beth Williams and Fernando Caccia

Junior class reps:  Danielle Brown and Stephen Czach

Sophomore class reps:  Lucia De Nigris and Nathan Beggs

Freshman class reps:  Amelia Shripka and Jose De Nigris

2019-20 Student Government (Not pictured: Amelia Shripka)