Congratulations to the May Mountaineers of the Month!

These Mountaineers were recognized for their living of the virtue of perseverance.

Perseverance is the virtue of fortitude by which I take the steps necessary to attain a goal despite difficulties. When I know what my highest goals are I keep going even when I’m tired, when I think I can’t, when I feel bored, when I feel like doing something else, when others criticize me. When I persevere, I build interior strength to fight for the things worth fighting for. I persevere in my life of grace and holiness and hope for heaven.

Bella Vicari

“Bella has been a model of perseverance since her first day of junior kindergarten. Despite any difficulty, Bella never gave up. Bella’s persistence and tenacity drove her to achieve amazing academic results that exceeded all expectations.  She is a wonderful example of perseverance and hard work to her classmates.” Mrs. Reichert, Junior Kindergarten

Pablo De Nigris

“Pablo is a diligent worker. He tackles any assignment with the best attitude of doing the best he can. He remains responsible for doing his work; he is neat and organized; he gets right to work without wasting time. If he truly doesn’t understand something, he will make sure to ask so he does understand. He is a good soul, kind to all his classmates.” – Mrs. Keusch, Second Grade

Jonah Reichert

“Jonah always has a good attitude no matter how difficult the assignment. He helps his fellow classmates whenever he is asked, and is always inquiring as to what he can do to help or how he can be of assistance. When a task is difficult, he accepts it as a challenge and doesn’t stop until he’s completed his task or solved the problem. Jonah truly exemplifies the virtue of perseverance.” -Mrs. Ohlinger, Third Grade

Lauren Earnhardt

“Lauren works hard in all subject areas.  She follows all of the rules of the classroom and cares about everyone in our class.  If anyone needs a school supply, Lauren is willing to share.  She has a smile that lights up the room every day.” -Mrs. Duhaime, Fourth Grade