Friday, May 31 marked the Everest Collegiate High School & Academy’s annual Plante Day in honor of Mrs. Plante, our admissions director of 23 years who retired in 2016. Although some of our younger students now may be more familiar with Mr. Plante who is on campus often both as a substitute teacher and baseball coach, we were pleased to have Mrs. Plante join us for Mass this morning.

Today marks a special celebration as the Archdiocese of Detroit unveils its new website, as a part of the evangelization planning “Unleashing our Catholic Schools.” In the video featured in the launch, Everest students are featured. Check it out here! Everest is proud to be a Catholic school in the Archdiocese of Detroit. Please join us in a prayer of gratitude for Mrs. Plante as well as for the growth of our school and Catholic education on this special day!

Christ, our Teacher, we thank you for the gift of Catholic schools. Today we pray in a special way for all who have dedicated their work to the growth of our school so as to provide a Catholic education to as many students as possible.

We ask the intercession of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, wife, mother, educator, and foundress of schools in this country, for the growth of our school. St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, you were a teacher who helped your students grow in their love for Jesus every day. Please ask Him to watch over our students, to give our teachers wisdom, strength, and patience, and to help parents overcome any obstacles that may hinder them from choosing a Catholic school for their children.

Jesus, you taught your disciples and all who followed you the truth. Increase our zeal for ensuring that all children and families can benefit from a high-quality Catholic education. We pray that Catholic schools continue to grow in their ability to nurture the soul of our nation. Help us to have the strength and conviction to live out the truth in our daily lives. Amen.