“Education  in the arts is an integral part of the development of each human being. Those who have studied learning processes throughout the ages, beginning with Plato, have emphasized the importance of the arts in the education process. Arts education refers to education in the disciplines of music, dance, theatre, and visual arts. Study in the arts is integral to our society. They are a part of the cultural heritage of every American. The arts are what make us most human, most complete as people. The arts cannot be learned through occasional or random exposure any more than math or science can.” –Compiled by Bob Bryant

The Everest fine arts program continues to develop. With schedule changes over the past few years, student elective schedules allow students beginning in middle school to develop their skills more consistently.

The EC students enrich the program for academy students by using their artistic gifts freely and often. Younger students particularly enjoy seeing the older student perform in the two annual drama productions, and some younger students are even able to participate. Below are two EC students, Lauren Marshall and Danielle Mirjah, surrounded by 4th grade girls as they perform on the grand piano.

Academy students have the opportunity to learn more about band opportunities at our upcoming band information on May 15.