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Everest is unique for many reasons, but one of the notable reasons is that Everest is a preschool through twelfth-grade school. With high schoolers and academy students housed in separate buildings, there are days when students and faculty alike may forget this aspect of Everest life. Thursday, May 2, was not one of those days.

Anticipation, nerves, and senioritis continued to mount as the seniors approached their last full day of school before they began their exams. The school day ran its normal course until the last period. Seniors gathered in Mrs. Willertz’ classroom to put on their caps and gowns for a final “senior walk,” a new tradition adopted at Everest this year.

Seniors proceeded to the chapel where chaplain, Fr. Thomas Salazar, LC, led them in a prayer. Students then processed through the Everest Collegiate High School halls led by headmaster and high school principal, Mr. Greg Reichert. There were more than a few tear-filled eyes.

The seniors then exited the high school building, proceeding across the main drive to the academy building. Eleven of the 26 graduating seniors have been Mountaineers since they were in first grade. Their walk wouldn’t have been complete without visiting the academy building. Academy students lined the hallways eager to high five the seniors as they processed by with Pomp and Circumstance playing over the loudspeaker. The seniors had an important stop to make first though. Before making the full lap of the academy building, they stopped by the kindergarten classroom where the kindergarteners had donned their own caps which they will wear at their kindergarten graduation. Hand-in-hand the kindergarteners and seniors finished the senior walk. Congratulations to the EC Class of 2019 and future EC Class of 2031!