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Congratulations to the April Mountaineers of the Month!

Our elementary students exemplified the virtue of the month of cheerfulness. Cheerfulness is the virtue through which I choose to receive the joy God gives me even in hard moments. When I am filled with joy, I can get over fear and difficulties, and I can do great things for God and others.

Our middle school students focused on living a life of enthusiasm and joy. Joy is a gift of God that is given to us as a consequence of living a virtuous life. In terms of virtue, we can speak of the habitual disposition to see things in the light of hope and trust, and to face them with fortitude. It is concentrating in the positive aspects of a situation rather than on its defects, and rising from mistakes and trials

Allison Ivory

“Allison is a very cheerful person. She always comes into the classroom every morning wearing her biggest smile. Allison is a very happy girl and she makes everyone feel special by greeting them, giving out hugs and even makes visits to other classrooms just to say hi.  When someone is down, Allison is right there to cheer them up. Allison is a joy to have in class.” Miss Wildrick, Second Grade

Jacob Luginski

“Jacob never backs down from a challenge.  He gets excited about learning new things.  He is very helpful to his classmates by cleaning up a mess that he didn’t even make.  If he does make a mistake, he does not get upset.” – Mrs. McGrath, Kindergarten

Nina Jeggle

Nina always has a smile on her face in my class. She brings joy to her classmates with her cheerfulness. A great example of her cheerfulness is while her classmates were playing a game she came up to me and asked if I needed help picking up.  She was excited and joyful to lend a hand.” – Mr. Pruchnicki, Gym

Cole Duhaime

“Cole works hard in band and has a smile and cheerful word almost all the time. When he’s struggling, he doesn’t blame others but just works to get better.” – Mrs. Nalepa, Music

Lilliana Tocco

“Lilliana does not complain, even when she has extra work to do. She takes on her responsibilities with practicality and a smile. I can count on her to be positive and upbeat in class, often encouraging the other girls to stop complaining, and just do “what we’re supposed to do.”  Her sunny disposition matches her beautiful red hair!” – Mrs. Nalepa, Music

Zoe Schlaud

“Zoe is a glass-half-full kind of girl. She looks on the bright side and I’ve noticed her trying harder to keep her friendships cheery instead of competitive (coming from a large family she comes by that naturally). She strives to be up-beat and positive despite of challenges or struggles to succeed. She takes on a lot, being involved in many service-type activities, and makes them joyful.” – Mrs. Nalepa, Music