Everest Collegiate’s anatomy and physiology students had the tremendous opportunity to “scrub in” for orthopedic surgery with orthopedic surgeon Dr. Shivajee Nallamothu at Michigan Center for Orthopedic Surgery on March 27. The students interacted with Dr. Hsu and Dr. Guy, residents working with Dr. Nallamothu, while groups of three were taken into the surgical suite to observe knee, shoulder, and hand surgeries.

Science teacher Mrs. Krista Willertz and EC extend a huge thank you to the entire staff at Michigan Center for Orthopedic Surgery Center for welcoming the stduents and to Dr. Nallamothu for making it all happen! At least four of the fourteen students are interested in pursuing a career in medicine.

Here’s what the students had to say about the experience:

“Dr. Nallamothu is a cool dude.”

“It was amazing to see surgery from beginning to end..”

“Dr. Nallamothu is awesome for letting us do this. I’m grateful to him and for this experience!”

“The residents were actively engaged with us (and were fun)!”

“Eye opening! You see surgery on TV but it’s different when you are in there watching it happen.”

“Really, really cool to see how it is actually done.”