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“Athletic Played with Purpose.” What purpose? Overall, the extracurricular athletic program aims to:

a. Promote the integral formation of students through their participation in a safe, high-quality athletic program
b. Foster virtue, teamwork, athletic skills and ability, and wholesome psychological development for all students
c. Ensure that the healthy competition and entertainment of sports are maintained at a high standard of Christian conduct

The EC coaches came together and invited athletes to participate in a popular Stations of the Cross workout this Lent. Using a exercise developed by SportsLeader, athletes participated in the activity which consisted of 14 exercises and 14 prayers corresponding to the 14 Stations of the Cross. The activity is designed to help the athletes grow closer to Christ by experiencing the fatigue, sweat, effort that our Lord suffered for us in his Passion and Death.

Over 30 students from various spring sports teams as well as athletes in their off-season gathered on the athletic field with coaches and Fr. Brian Hoelzen, LC for the activity. The workout was not easy, but athletes couldn’t complain as they consider that Jesus had gone through something much more difficult in his sufferings.

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