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Junior kindergarten recently finished up their dinosaur unit! Learning all about how to be an archaeologist, junior kindergarten students had their own “dinosaur dig” for fossils.

Children are often fascinated about dinosaurs from very young ages. Learning about the marvels of God’s creation and how an all-powerful God created these massive animals is a great opportunity for students to understand a little bit more about creation. As always, the foundations laid with students from their youngest years become lessons they are carry with them throughout all their school years – and beyond!

Other classes will have the opportunity to visit Cranbrook Institute of Science’s special exhibit Doom of Dinosaurs as upcoming field trips. Don’t forget, a behind the scenes the event at the exhibit is also an auction item at next weekend’s Gala!

Learning about bones and structures will also continue with an exciting field trip for EC’s anatomy and physiology class this week! Stay tuned!

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