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Everest’s annual Father Son Night was for kindergarten through second-grade boys and their dads.  The group began the night with some fun interactive games.  First the sons were blindfolded and had to listen to their Dad coach and guide them through an obstacle course.  Next each father and son paired up and the pairs were divided into teams; one team placed cups facing up around the gym while the other team placed cups facing down.  Then while holding hands fathers and sons raced around the gym trying to get all the cups facing the direction of their team.

After getting everyone’s heart rate up and energy out, Fr. Thomas gave the dads a break by sitting everyone down for a talk together.  He reminded the boys of the importance of listening to their dads and trusting that they know best.  At one point in the talk, Father challenged the boys to tell their dad three things they admired about their dad.  Fr. Thomas then spoke with the dads only while the boys made pictures of their favorite activities they do with their dads.  To conclude the evening, each father and son filled out a certificate of what they want to spend time doing together throughout the year.