Apostolic service projects are designed to help students learn about improving their world by serving as Catholic Christian leaders and apostles of faith. Apostolic projects respond to the needs of the Church and the community in order to spread justice and love. Through a vibrant apostolic life, students discover Christ in teamwork, initiative, and perseverance. Social awareness is a universal mission Everest Collegiate High School & Academy wants all of our students to understand personally in their life’s journey. 

The middle school students wanted to help make a change in our world. In response to the recent abortion legislation, students discussed the importance of making a difference.Together with their religion teacher Mrs. Radich, students chose letter writing and especially using powerful words amidst their kind words of prayers that were being offered. Students mailed over 120 letters support life. Among others, they wrote letters to Governor Cuomo of New York and Governor Northam of Virginia expressing disagreement with and concern about recent legislation. They also wrote letters thanking Governor Reynolds of Iowa for her role in the heart beat law and to President Trump thanking him for his efforts to support the pro-life cause.