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On Sunday, February 24, Everest Collegiate High School & Academy was pleased to host Doug Barry of Battle Ready for a presentation for the whole family. Everest families as well as attendees from the community filled the bleachers in the high school gym.  Mr. Barry spoke about the importance of knowing the truths of the faith in order to help us be ready for and engage in spiritual battle.  He did so by telling many true stories, soliciting audience participation, and even getting a few young men to do push-ups if they couldn’t answer questions correctly.  Mr. Barry also gave a specifically challenging exhortation to dads in the room, inviting them to be spiritual leaders of their family and to bless their families every night.  The evening ended with a short lesson in self-defense!

Here is what two participants had to say about the presentation:

“Our family really enjoyed seeing Doug Barry.  My daughter particularly enjoyed the self-defense portion and the importance of being strong and standing up for yourself.  It tied in nicely with the religious portion and being ‘Battle Ready’ from every aspect.”

“Doug’s Battle Ready was outstanding. There is a war going on against marriage and family. Doug challenges you to combat this evil with the tools that God has given us.”