What is another way that Everest helps to form leaders? There are so many ways, but one that may not immediately jump out to many is the school’s focus on forensics. On Thursday, February 28, our high school students showed what years of reps in public speaking can accomplish as the top three students in the categories of poetry, prose, and oratory presented their chosen pieces in front of their high school peers. What was on display was not simply an academic exhibition, but a polished demonstration of student formation. The skills, qualities, and virtues required of these students – and gained during their years at Everest – enabled them to match the occasion with the requisite level of preparation, fortitude, confidence, engagement, precision, and grace to leave their marks on a captivated audience of students, faculty, and parents.

Presenting in the category of poetry were Ginny Taylor, Mary Beth Williams, and Kate Engle. In the category of prose, the presenters were Colleen Walker, Danielle Brown, and Mia Korns. The final category of oratory brought presentations by Kirsty Liu, Madeleine Arbogast, and Fernando Caccia. The winners of the St. John Chrysostom Scholarship Award for each of the three categories were Ginny Taylor, Colleen Walker, and Kirsty Liu. Congratulations to all presenters and this year’s scholarship recipients!