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Saturday, February 23 the Everest Parent Program hosted its annual marriage vow renewal event in the high school chapel. The evening began with a poignant reflection from Fr. Brian Holzen, LC, regarding the commitment of marriage and unconditional love of each spouse. Then Everest couple John and Barby McGrath shared an inspirational testimony of their 20+ years of marriage. They discussed trusting God‘s plan for marriage and the importance of protecting marriage. After some time of quiet adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, Fr. Thomas Salazar, LC, led the group in a devotional marriage vow renewal. It was a joyous and grace filled evening for the attendees!

Everest parent Nate Neiman shared his experience with us. “It was a wonderful night with my wife, listening together to Fr. Brian and the McGraths speak.  Renewing our vows in front of the sacrament and priests was a powerful and surprisingly emotional experience. I feel grateful to have been a part of it.”  Everest Parent Program looks forward to hosting this event in the years to come and seeing God continue to bless our marriages.