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Tergiversation, phaeton, and haberdashery are a few of the words on the 2018-19 Scripps National Spelling Bee Study Word List. Everest Academy students spelled off against each other in their classrooms the week of January 14 to determine the top three spellers. Top spellers advanced to the finals competition rescheduled to Friday, January 25 after a Thursday snow day.

Third and fourth-grade contestants finished in a four-way tie with Hannah Megala (4th grade), Sofia Arinez (3rd Grade), Robert Schramek (3rd Grade), and Jinho Fantin (4th Grade) sharing first place.

Fifth through eighth-grade contestants spelled off to determine the representative who will represent Everest Academy at the Regional Spelling Bee of Oakland County on February 23. Congratulations to fifth-grade runner-up Zoe Abraham and to the 2019 Everest spelling bee champion, Madelyn Krappmann.

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