The virtue for the month was obedience. Obedience is listening to God and doing what He wants of me, especially when he talks through my parents, teachers, and those who take care of me. Students focused on doing what they are told to do right away, all the way, and in a happy way.

Congratulations to our December Mountaineers of the Month!

Second grader Brooke Pontillo was nominated by Miss Wildrick. “Brooke is a delight to have in class. She is always using her manners; saying please and thank you. Brooke is a great example of the virtue of the month; she works hard at doing things the first time she is told to do them. I even will find that she does things before she is asked to do it.”

Junior kindergartener Stella Ioco was recognized by Mrs. Reichert. “Stella is always obedient without hesitation or resistance.  She thoroughly and cheerfully follows through on what is asked of her every day.  Stella is a wonderful example of obedience to her friends and classmates.”

Another second grader, Lauren F., was also recognized. Mrs. Keusch commented, “Lauren is such an obedient girl. She wants to always do her very best in everything she does.  She knows exactly what is expected and maintains that ideal. Lauren definitely leads by example.”

(Lauren – Not Pictured)

Fifth grader Kyle Westlake was recognized by both Mrs. Nalepa and Mr. Sapienza. “Kyle is always on time, prepared, and always asking what he can do next to help. He volunteers to help even regardless of circumstances and has a great attitude. Because of his obedience and reliability, Kyle can be trusted to be in charge of distributing and putting away our beautiful hand bells.”

Gym teacher Mr. Pruchnicki has the opportunity to see Lea Jeggle’s obedience lived out in gym class. “Lea has been a joy to have in class.  She listens very intently and does her best to do what is asked of her.  She is always very obedient.”

Mr. Pruchnicki also recognized sixth grader Patrick Cooper. “Patrick is a polite well-mannered young man.  He listens well and does what is asked of him.  I have been impressed with his effort and attitude to go above and beyond this year to help out in any way.”

Formation director Miss Gaby Ruiloba and Dean of Students Mrs. Van Wagoner recognized eighth grader Amelia Shripka for her obedience. “Amelia has shown outstanding leadership in leading others in obedience and listening to God’s voice through her initiatives and example.”