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Mountaineer Moments

Day: November 13, 2018

Everest Collegiate High School

Yearbook Class Creative Marketing

EC yearbook class students have gotten creative with their yearbook marketing this year. Senior Katelyn Allen described their strategy, “Over the past four months, we

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Academic Achievements

HATS OFF to EC Freshman

Congratulations to Everest freshmen Sawyer Arbogast for his achievement as one of the top-scoring 8th grade students in Michigan who took the SAT or ACT

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Academic Achievements

Anne Shirley on the EC Stage

Everest Collegiate High School closes the Green Gables on Anne, their fall production.  Thirty-three cast and crew members helped make the classic novel come to

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Everest Academy

4th Grade Heart Dissection

The fourth-grade girls have been studying the human body. They recently dissected a sheep’s heart to see the cardiac muscle, aorta, and heart chambers. Seeing

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