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Everest Academy students and moms gathered on Friday to celebrate Mother’s Day and the month of Mary. Fr. Luis Felipe gave a homily about our moms and our heavenly mother, Mary. Junior kindergarten students shared notes they had written to Our Lady. Father shared how the notes showed aspects of Mary’s motherhood as she prays to God for us. As the end of Mass, eighth graders Simon Engle and Louise Neme led the school in the annual May crowning. May God bless all Everest moms this Mother’s Day!

“Dear Mama, I love you, Mother Mary, as big as the whole wide world. Love, Stella”

“Dear Mama Mary, I will pray to you forever and ever. Love, Reagen”

“Dear Mary, I like what you do all over the world. You are so kind to the kids you help. Love, Annemarie”

“Dear Mary, I like you. You are the best mother. Love, Samantha”

“Dear Mama Mary, Thank you for giving us Jesus. I love you with all my heart. Love, Adeline”