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On Wednesday, October 28, we welcomed our junior kindergarten and kindergarten moms to our annual mother child retreat.  Before Mass began Fr. Thomas Salazar, our school chaplain explained a little about the vestments he wears and why.  After Mass the children presented their moms with a fall gift they made which consisted of colorful handprints made to look like fall leaves.

After Mass, Miss Rose Wieber, our elementary school formation coordinator, gave a reflection about how parents through their example of love reflect and model to their children God’s love, making it tangible in their sons or daughters live.  She also spoke about often as parents we can be hard on ourselves for not being “perfect” or living up to the high standards we expect of ourselves.  She shared, “Often at the end of my day, I measure and judge how successful my day was according to how many tasks I accomplished.  But what really matter and is the most important is the time I spent with kids, loving them, reading to them, playing with them, in short just being with them teaching them they are loved and how to love.  At the end of the day maybe the house isn’t as clean as you would like, or there is still laundry to be done, or dinner did not turn out as perfectly as you would have liked, but that does not say how successful your day was; what does is the time and love given to your family.”

The reflection was followed by fellowship where each mom introduced herself and shared a little about their family and how long they have been at Everest.  It was impressive to see that between the two classes we have six families of Everest faculty members! We love our Mountaineer families! Thank you moms for joining us!