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Sponsoring families for Christmas through Lighthouse of Clarkston has become an annual tradition for Everest Collegiate high school students. This year, student government chose a family that had two children:  a 17 -year-old boy and an 8-year-old girl. Members of student government made fliers listing several needs and desires of the family. The students were affected by the fact that young people their age asked for basic items such as coats, boots, and gloves as gifts for Christmas. They urged their friends to bring in these items so that they could use money from the student government fund to get additional presents for the family’s children.  The group traveled to Target to pick out gifts and package them for off at Lighthouse. The students also enclosed Christmas cards expressing their prayers for the family during this season of hope. A special thank you to Mrs. Van Wagoner and Mrs. Willertz for helping to coordinate and make this year’s adopt-a- family possible for our students.


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