Everest Collegiate High School & Academy provides a single educational setting to meet the needs of different family compositions. Whether a family has boys, girls, or both, or children who are young, old, or in the middle, every child can receive the benefits of an Everest education during their primary and secondary years. The benefits that exist for families are numerous as Everest parents can attest to.

Positive Role Models for Boys and Girls

“Single gender and single location education for my three children has been spectacular. This has been especially evident in that each of them has had certain role models other than their siblings. Whether it be in athletics, arts or academics they have had unbelievable older students to not only look up to but emulate.

Having my three children educated at the same location is such a blessing, especially when it comes to after-school activities. The convenience of having one location has allowed my children to participate in multiple sport, drama and club activities that they would not have had the opportunity to do if I had to drive them to multiple locations.”

-Charlie James

Younger Kids Look Up to the Older Ones

Having nine children who have attended either Everest Academy or Everest Collegiate, single-gender classrooms have been a positive experience for us.

As parents, we will never forget the joy we felt pulling up to the pickup line and seeing all the boys playing catch with their teachers or standing around talking with the Legionary Priests and Brothers.  As for the girls, it was just nice seeing them dress in their uniforms and get ready for school without the pressure of having to impress the boys.  The girls seemed to be more confident and comfortable with themselves.

After attending Everest Academy from 1998-2002, our family relocated to the Boston area. After eight years we decided to move back to Michigan. It was very important to us to send our kids to school together. With Everest having the Academy and the High School both on one campus, it was ideal. The older kids have been able to drive the younger kids to and from school on a daily basis. Our younger kids were comfortable knowing their older brother and sisters were nearby at all times. The high school kids were a beautiful example to the younger kids and the younger kids have all looked up to the older kids. We remember one of the older kids saying: “The little kids at school watched us walk by with amazement in their eyes, almost as if we were Super Heroes”.

Both the single-gender classrooms and both schools being located on one campus have been a truly positive experience for our family.”

-Deedee Mastromatteo

Both Genders Separate Yet Together

“Everest Collegiate and Academy has been like a family to us. We are Alumni parents of three EC graduates. As we reflect over the past 17 years, there are many things to be thankful for. The wonderful academics, competitive sports teams, great spiritual direction and awesome families.

One of the benefits Everest has is offering a single gender education on a coed campus. When our oldest son was separated from the girls in third grade, we weren’t convinced at first that this would be best for our sons. Having only sons, we were concerned with single-gender classrooms especially having no sisters to grow up with. Would they know how to act around girls when they head to college? Our concerns were soon relieved as we noticed even though they were educated separately being on a coed campus let them interact with the opposite sex many times throughout the school day.

Once they were in high school and taking AP classes, those classes were coed. They also had clubs and lunch together. Having the whole school Preschool through 12th grade on one campus was also a great benefit. Not many can say they attended the same school on the same campus with many friends. The friendships our sons and we have built while being at Everest for 17 years are ones that we will cherish forever.”

 -Mary & Pat McMahon

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