What does Everest Cost?

2019-20 Tuition Rates

Preschool Elementary
(JK – 5th Grade)
Middle School
(6th – 8th)
High School
(9th – 12th)
Three Days (M/W/F)
A.M.: $5,314/year
P.M.: $1,863/year*
Five Days (M-F)
A.M.: $6,948/year
P.M.: $3,227/year*
$10,175/year $11,250/year $13,975/year

Click here to view a PDF of our Tuition Rates.

International students additional fee: $3,000/year**
*PM session is only available in conjunction with the AM session
**International students general information and pricing at www.everestinternationalprogram.com

Family Discount Plan

  • 1st Child: Full Tuition
  • 2nd Child: Full Tuition
  • 3rd Child Discount: 15% Discount
  • 4th Child Discount: 15% Discount
  • Each Additional Child: Free

Loyalty Tuition Credit Program

For every Academy grade your child successfully completes at Everest, you will receive a $500 credit which can be applied toward Everest Collegiate High School tuition. A student can earn up to $6,000 by completing each grade level offered at Everest Academy (Preschool–8th grade). Once your child is accepted into Everest Collegiate High School, you may apply up to $2,000 of tuition credit per school year.

Tuition Assistance offered by Everest

We understand that a Catholic school education is both worthwhile and expensive. That is why Everest works with families to help bring our education within financial reach. For those who have applied and been accepted by Everest or those who are current Everest students, we accept applications for needs based tuition assistance. Find out more from Tuition Assistance & Student Services by NAIS at NAIS Parents’ Guide to Independent Private Schools.

Tuition Assistance offered by Archdiocese of Detroit

The Archdiocese of Detroit also offers a separate Tuition Assistance program. See the link below for details:

Archdiocese of Detroit Tuition Assistance Program (PSAS)

Catholic Leadership Scholarship

A one-time $2,000 scholarship is available for new families who belong to a Catholic parish and meet all scholarship qualifications.

General Information & Application

High School Placement Test Scholarships

Incoming freshmen may be eligible for a scholarship based on High School Placement Test scores.

  • Platinum (98-99): $2,000
  • Gold (96-97): $1,500
  • Silver (94-95): $1,000
  • Bronze (92-93): $500
    *After freshman year, scholarships are maintained by GPA

Father Lorenzo Gomez Renaissance of Values Scholarship

A one-time $6,000 scholarship is awarded to one incoming freshman who meets all qualifications. Students who currently attend 8th grade at Everest are eligible to apply.

Application Form