The Everest Experience

Everest Collegiate High School and Academy is grounded in the Catholic Faith.

Our culture extends far beyond the reach of the classroom. From parent retreats, spiritual direction, and pilgrimages to Eucharistic adoration, praise and worship, and the parent program, opportunities to participate in the many riches and traditions of the Catholic Church are available to the parents and families of Everest students.

Everest students have the opportunity to interact on a daily basis with priests and consecrated women of Regnum Christi. Through the formation we offer, including one-on-one mentoring, students receive guidance as they develop into the Catholic Christian leaders they were created to be.

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Everest athletics are played with purpose.

On the field and on the court, the phrase can be characterized by student athletes giving of themselves in support of the team. They are expected to exhibit good sportsmanship and the Christ-Centered virtues that support our authentic Catholic values when things are going well and even when they aren’t. We emphasize to our student-athletes that the talents they have been given are gifts from God, and how they use their talents represent their gifts back to God by promoting opportunities to strengthen self-confidence, discipline, determination, perseverance, endurance and courage. Fair play is stressed along with integrity, honor, and compassion in competition.

Everest currently has 42 academy and high school teams fielded with more than 500 athletes participating across all three seasons. Personal attention is valued in athletics with an overall 8 to 1 ratio of players to coaches. The coaching staff is committed and gifted with 20% of coaches having played sports at the collegiate level. Since the high school’s inception in 2008, Everest Collegiate teams have earned a total of 53 championships, and 16% of its graduating seniors have played or are currently playing college level sports.

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A single gender focused learning environment caters to students’ God-given uniqueness.

At Everest, we believe that each child is uniquely created by God. Some of that uniqueness can be drawn along gender-specific lines. Memory, attention, thought, and language is dedicated to verbal functioning in girls and dedicated to spatial and mechanical functioning in boys. Even though the brain develops in different ways, there is no difference between what each gender can learn. We understand how they learn best, to ensure that both boys and girls can reach their full potential.

In the younger years of the Lower Academy, classrooms are co-ed, but by the time our students reach the Upper Academy in third grade, they are in gender specific classrooms, and our single gender focus model continues all the way through Middle School and High School. The beauty of our co-ed campus means we can still offer plenty of opportunities for socialization across every grade within each division during lunch, recess, clubs, and the numerous all school activities that are planned.

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