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Tuition alone does not cover all the costs associated with operating a school. By design, each year we fundraise to make up the difference between the total cost of our educational program and the tuition received. It allows tax-deductible gifts to be made to the school to cover the difference and keep tuition costs lower.

Everest’s mission is to teach students to be Catholic Christian leaders who are capable of utilizing their strengths, so they can fulfill the unique plan that God has for each of them. It helps to fulfill our God given responsibility to grow His Kingdom.

Please consider donating a tax-deductible gift to Everest Collegiate High School and Academy, so students can continue to receive the benefits of all that our Christ-Centered, authentically Catholic educational experience offers.

Follow the links below to donate now through PayPal with all major credit cards, no PayPal account required, or with Members Give by American Express:

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