Everest Collegiate High School & Academy Mountaineers have proven themselves Mighty.

Their school has as its motto, Semper Altus, which means “Always Higher.” The motto illustrates the standards that embody the school’s culture. It represents a culture so inherent that it transcends not only the classroom, but all aspects of student life. Their school has as its mascot, a Mountaineer, the symbol of a person who has the perseverance, determination, fortitude and strength to scale the tallest mountain on earth known as Mount Everest.

As athletes who have succeeded on the courts and playing fields despite the odds, Everest Mountaineers know what it means to be determined and persevere. Being the newer kid on the block with a smaller footprint, Everest is looked upon by many as the underdog in competitive athletics.

Fielding 69 championship teams since its inception in 2008, Everest Collegiate athletes have been working hard to change that perspective. The EC Boys Golf team is the first EC athletic team to capture not just one, but two Division 4 State Championships. They won the schools first State Championship in 2016 and repeated the feat in 2017.  The Boys Golf team coach, Dave Smith, was awarded Division 4 Coach of the Year. The EC Football team also has a rich history of success. The Mountaineer football team is the only team in MHSAA history to qualify for the state playoffs every year since the team’s inception. In addition, EC Football Coach Mike Pruchnicki was named MHSFCA  Division 7-8 Coach of the Year in 2017.

On the Everest Academy side, EA athletes are not to be outdone by their EC brethren. They have also won 43 league titles and 10 CYO championships since 2008.

Everest Collegiate High School & Academy athletes play for a purpose greater than winning.

Despite the school’s winning record, playing athletics at Everest isn’t all about being victorious. Everest athletes know their talents represent gifts from God and what they do with those talents represent their gifts back to God. Everest athletes understand they are created in the likeness and image of God, and they compete to give Him Glory.

As such, most Everest athletes compete in a variety of sports, many of which are not their favorite or their best, but they do it anyway, out of love for God, competition and the school. According to Everest Athletic Director Ann Lowney,

“At Everest, students have the opportunity to participate in multiple sports rather than just being a single sport athlete. This enables our students to develop their skills more completely and build their self-confidence, often in areas outside of their comfort zones. Playing multiple sports also allows our athletes to build character while improving their athletic abilities and increasing their longevity in competitive sports overall.”

As a testament to all who watch them play, the backs of the EC football players’ jerseys aren’t adorned with their last names. What is there in its place is the phrase, “All for Him.” It serves as a constant reminder where the “Glory of the Game” should really be focused.

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