Fine Arts


The mission of the theater arts department is to develop core drama skills, to build theater repertoire, and to encourage these skills for use in the students’ everyday lives. The program does this through teaching a foundation of physical/vocal expression and communication; ensuring an understanding and appreciation of the theater as a cultural influence; and forming a competent individual who can use their skills of imagination, cooperation, and expression in their daily lives.


The mission of the Music Department is to provide students with an introduction to and advancement in musical skills, both instrumental and vocal. The curriculum is designed to promote independently-thinking musicians who are capable of exploring music on their own, develop an appreciation of music as an art form, and realize music as an expression of the person they are as created by God.

Visual Arts

The mission of the Visual Arts Department is to provide students an introduction to, and advancement in, studio art foundations and art history. Through exploring methods of visual communication, students will learn not only to express themselves both technically and conceptually in various art media, but also to understand and appreciate the social, historical, and religious context of art history, and how their own work fits into it.