Preschool – Elementary School

Lower Elementary Intramural Sports

We start intramural sports early at Everest because of the values they help instill. Preschool through 3rd grade students learn sportsmanship, teamwork, fitness, rule-following and fun to help jumpstart their young minds and bodies.

  • Fall: 3 on 3 Soccer
  • Fall: 4 on 4 NFL Flag Football
  • Winter: 3 on 3 Basketball
  • Spring: 3 on 3 Soccer
  • Spring: 4 on 4 NFL Flag Football

Upper Elementary CYO Sports

For elementary grades 4 and higher (with a few sports indicated beginning in 3rd grade), Everest participates in the Catholic Youth Organization which hosts a number of sporting leagues. This higher level competition teaches students hard work and how to deal with both winning and losing. The CYO’s mission aims to enrich families and strengthen communities across southeast Michigan through youth programs that embrace the love and example of Jesus Christ.

Football (3rd-5th grade)
Basketball (3rd-5th grade)
Basketball (3rd-5th grade)

Upper Elementary Club Opportunities

Everest’s deans, formation instructors, and teaching faculty work diligently to ensure that Everest students have a variety of enriching club opportunities. These opportunities benefit students greatly – by providing leadership experiences, honing interpersonal skills, learning in a variety of modalities, gaining insights into various content areas, and receiving formation from our staff in an atmosphere beyond the classroom. Examples of the clubs offered for grades 3-5 students are listed below.

  • Lego League
  • First Friday Mass Choir
  • Knights of the Altar
  • American Heritage Girls
  • Girls in Action
  • Ski Club

Elementary Events & Competitions

Academic competitions are available for students to develop intellect, excel in areas of strength, learn work ethic and measure their progress. Competition is a natural part of life and one that we believe is essential for fostering the development of the human person. In order to truly achieve success, Everest students will need to be able to master their triumphs and reconcile their defeats. The following academic competitions are held annually in order to give Everest students the opportunity to do just that.

  • Forensics Competition (October)
  • Spelling Bee (November)
  • Catholic Schools Week Competitions (January)
  • Catechism Contest (March)
  • Public Class

Spiritual Opportunities

  • Daily Presence of Priests and Consecrated Women
  • All-School Masses Every Friday
  • Daily Mass Offered Before School Hours Monday through Thursday
  • After School Mass As Schedule Permits
  • Eucharistic Adoration During Advent and Lent
  • Regularly Scheduled and On Demand Confession
  • Annual Parent & Child Retreats
  • Annual Grade Specific Retreats
  • Apostolic Service Projects

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