Admissions Process

Admission to Everest Collegiate High School & Academy is considered on the basis of the items listed below. For international students, the admissions process is outlined at To apply, click here.


1. Schedule a Tour (Recommended)

We strongly believe that the best way to experience the Everest advantage is to see it with your own eyes. Start your Everest adventure with a tour of our beautiful 90-acre campus. Contact Kelly Loush, Director of Admissions, to schedule a visit.

2. Application Paperwork

Applications for Everest are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the school year. Please fill out the appropriate forms (see below) and mail your paperwork to the listed address with the $100 application fee included.

Please Send to:
Kelly Loush
Admissions Director
5935 Clarkston Rd.
Clarkston, MI 48348
* Please make checks payable to Everest Academy 

3. New Student Assessment

After we receive your child’s application, we will schedule a new student assessment according to grade:

  • Preschool: No assessment required
  • Junior Kindergarten – 8th: Individual assessment
  • 9th Grade: High School Placement Test (see below)
  • 10th – 11th Grade: Report cards/standardized test from previous two years

The 9th Grade High School Placement Test is offered three times during the school year at Everest and is a requirement for acceptance. The primary purposes for the HSPT include:

  • Acceptance Decision (we do not have a required score for acceptance)
  • Placement into 9th grade classes
  • Scholarship determination (students who score at least 92 on the exam will qualify for an academic scholarship)

4. Parent/Student Interview

Interviews are required for new Everest families. Parents only can attend for students in 3rd grade or lower. Students in 4th grade and higher must attend with their parents. Interviews can be scheduled after applications are received and new student assessments have been completed.

5. Acceptance Notification

Following the interview and new student assessment review, families will be notified of acceptance by mail. All necessary information to complete registration will be included.

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