Single Gender Focus

Single Gender Focus

At Everest Collegiate High School and Academy, we believe that each child is uniquely created by God. Some of that uniqueness can be drawn along gender specific lines. Medical science has identified differences in the brains of boys and girls. In general, a greater part of the cerebral cortex which is responsible for memory, attention, thought, and language is dedicated to verbal functioning in girls and dedicated to spatial and mechanical functioning in boys.

The cerebral cortex is just one example of how boys’ and girls’ brains differ. Even though their brains are different, however, there is no difference between what each gender can learn. At Everest, we know the difference is in how they learn best. We take advantage of these differences in a gender specific learning environment, so we can teach in a way that caters to our students’ God given uniqueness. In that way, it helps to ensure that both boys and girls can reach their full potential.

In the younger years of the Lower Academy, classrooms are co-ed, but by the time our students reach the Upper Academy in third grade, they are in gender specific classrooms, and our single gender focus learning model continues all the way through Middle School and High School. The beauty of our co-ed campus means we can still offer plenty of opportunities for socialization across every grade within each division during lunch, recess, clubs, and the numerous all school activities that are planned.


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