Integral Formation

At the very heart of how we fulfill our mission is the process of Integral Formation® which is the educational philosophy utilized in both the High School and the Academy. It represents a comprehensive approach to education that maintains excellence in the complete formation of the whole person where no aspect of the human person is overlooked.

It includes formation in four main dimensions of the human person that are all interdependent on one another in order to achieve the complete fulfillment of each individual:  intellectual, human, spiritual, and apostolic. The focus of the program is: To Teach- informing the mind, transmitting appropriate knowledge; To Educate-cultivating the heart to love authentic values and a sense of what is good, just, and beautiful; and To Form-forging the will, shaping character in virtue as a basis for integrity.

Because Integral Formation® is an educational methodology that is all encompassing; it permeates and defines the culture of our school. Each dimension of the process works in unison with the all the others. Metaphorically speaking, Integral Formation® could be viewed as both the fabric and the thread that helps to “clothe” our children.

An overview of Integral Formation objectives can be found here.

A more detailed description of the dimensions of Integral Formation can be found here.

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