What do you get when you throw two mathematicians, one priest, a humanities teacher, a dean, and a headmaster into a room after the students have left from their morning exams?

Give up? Shelves!

No not elves…well not necessarily.

Fr. Brian, Mr. Stencel, Mr. Nguyen, Mr. Peterson, Mr. Cross, and Mr. Reichert decided to try their hand at some pre-Christmas, elven carpentry for the sake of their high school students. The result of their labors was new shelving units in the high school emergence exit stairwell where the students’ extra backpacks and belonging that don’t quite fit into their lockers tend to collect for the day. Nothing like the gift of orderliness for their students this Christmas!

And if you’re wondering if the work passed code – check out the picture of young Peter, not so precariously perched to prove the project effective!