Congratulations to our November Mountaineers of the Month!

The elementary students nominated excelled in the virtue of gratitude. Gratitude is a disposition of mind and heart, and a way of life that enables us to recognize the good things we have freely received and accept them as a gift. Gratitude enable us to appreciate the good things we have, to have a positive outlook on life, and reminds us of our personal relationship with God.

First grader Ines De Loza was nominated by Mrs. Fazzoni. “Ines is a kind and compassionate student who always thinks about the needs of others. She is extremely grateful for her blessings; both big and small. She makes sure to let others know she is appreciative. Ines sets a wonderful example of gratitude and respect.”

Ines’ classmate, Ryan Dale, also was recognized for his living of the virtue of gratitude. “Ryan demonstrates the virtue of gratitude on a daily basis. He is very honest and compassionate and will help anyone in need. He is developing a deep relationship with Christ through frequent prayer and reflection. Ryan brings joy to our class with his optimistic attitude and virtuous behavior!”

Third grader Carrie Walker was recognized by all her teachers. Art teacher Mrs. Mazure had this to say, “Carrie is enthusiastic, kind, and joyful. She is respectful to everyone and is always a leader in the classroom.”

Fourth grader Nathan Iyer was recognized by his teacher Mr. Mitchell, “Nathan is continuously thankful for all the opportunities he has in class whether it is to serve others or increase his faith and intellect. Nathan comes to class ready to be his best. He is grateful that the school pushes him to be his best!”

Fifth grader Cameron Tong was the final elementary student recognized as Mountaineer of the Month. “Cameron is responsible, mature, and a great leader. He always is willing to help, even with picking up trash that is not his,” said Mr. Sapienza.

Middle school Mountaineers of the Month were recognized for their living of the virtue of obedience, freedom in listening to God’s will. “Obedience and freedom seem to be two contradictory terms in the eyes of modern society. Obedience elicits, particularly among the youth, a sense of restriction and constriction; not allowing a person to do what he or she would like to do with initiative and creativity. On the contrary, freedom is held as a desired value understood precisely as doing what we want to do without any obstacle or limitation,” explained formation instructor Miss Gaby Ruiloba.

Seventh grader Adriana Waller stood out in the middle school for her living of the virtue of obedience. English teacher Mrs. Beggs commented, “Adriana has consistent obedience to God’s will. She is continually striving for excellence in all that she does. She is attentive in class, asks good questions, and completes her work in a timely manner. She is a joy to have in class!”

Also from the seventh grade, Ravi Iyer received recognition as Mountaineer of the Month. “In band, this young man is diligent and arrives as soon as possible. He demonstrates obedience in his constant attentiveness in class and to his clarinet practice. Ravi goes out of his way to help with whatever is needed for band class,” said music teacher Mrs. Nalepa.