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Everest parents gathered for the fall Parenting on Purpose presentation offered by the Everest Parent Program where they heard from three speakers on the topic of Creating a Culture of Confidence through Dealing with Adversity.  Karen Thibodeau, Everest mom, parent program committee member, and former social worker, started off the night by presenting the spiritual and psychological foundations needed to help children realize their God-given worth and have the courage to learn from life’s difficulties and their mistakes.  She framed her part of the night around the following quote by Mother Teresa, “We are not called to be perfect; we are called to be faithful.”

Next the audience heard from the school’s guidance counselors, Christina Krogh and Jennifer Hickey.  This second half of the presentation laid out the basics of an approach known as growth mindset, which aims at helping individuals understand the value of mistakes in the learning process.  Information on growth mindset, including parent tools, can be found here.

The evening closed with a visit to the chapel where Fr. Brian Hoelzen, LC and Jill Swallow led parents in a prayer for their children, asking that for the grace that they may see themselves the way God does and grow in confidence rooted in their God-given worth.

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