Everest Academy’s second-grade students are benefiting from a Reflex Math Grant recently awarded to the school. The grant provides the Reflex Math program free to the second-grade students for one year. This program helps students increase their math fluency by working on establishing a stronger foundation for math-fact recall.

Research has shown that quick recall of math facts is critical for future success in mathematics. More advanced mathematical processes often require students to know a lot of math facts. So, it’s important to master these basic facts before tackling more challenging problems.

Reflex is structured to provide a short daily assessment of student progress, then coaching on new facts, and finally fact practice in the games. There are seven games that students can choose from, and they can play as many as they want each day.

Second graders will be practicing their math skills in the computer lab for about 10 to 15 minutes each week, supplemented by additional practice at home.

Thank you to computer teacher Mrs. Amanda Maxim and second-grade teachers Mrs. Keusch and Miss Wildrick for your hard work implementing this program!