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“Recess” is not an uncommon answer for any elementary or middle school student’s favorite thing about school. Everest Academy’s third through eighth-grade boys are no different. Recess tournaments have been a long-standing tradition at Everest since the school was founded. Throughout the year, there are several tournaments offered from ultimate Frisbee to flag football.  Over seventy percent of the students participate in these tournaments.

Students who sign up for the tournaments are assigned a team with students from other grades in their division. Eighth-grade boys take the leadership as captains for the middle school division, and fifth-grade students are captains of the upper elementary division. Tournaments are very competitive, but a healthy atmosphere where sportsmanship and charity reign is more important than winning.   These tournaments provide a great opportunity to help form these boys in many virtues.

After each game, the boys are asked to shake hands and, at the end of each tournament, students are recognized who exemplified a spirit of sportsmanship.  The upper elementary division recently wrapped up their ultimate Frisbee tournament while the middle school boys finished a flag football tournament. The winning team always receives a pizza party.