“Preparing students to enter STEM careers in the future is not enough. Moving from a STEM to a STREAM curriculum model requires planning and staff development. The integration of Religion and the Arts into STEM content areas merges 21st century teaching and learning with the timeless truths of faith and beauty in all of the subject areas.” National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA)

Everest’s model of integral formation has always emphasized the formation of a solid intellect providing a wealth of knowledge. Over the past year, this formation has been extended to the co-curricular programs with the spring and summer STREAM programs. This fall our students once again had the opportunity to participate in co-curricular opportunities that are both in line with our Catholic faith and enhance our educational disciplines.

Students in kindergarten through fifth-grade had the opportunity to participate in different club opportunities include:

  • St. Catherine of Bologna Painting Club: learning the basics of painting on canvas and how art can be used to illustrate important values of life such as love, respect, and forgiveness.
  • St. Daniel’s Escape Room: just as Daniel through his faith escaped the lion’s den, students in Mrs. Nielson’s room solved puzzles and answered questions in order to unlock the keys to escape.
  • St. Isidore of Seville Coding Club: named after the patron saint of technology, this club focused on the basics of coding and program.

Mrs. Nielson described the challenges the students in her club faced. “Nine students from across these grade levels were tasked with using their prior knowledge of concepts in social studies, science, math, language arts, and religion to “beat the clock” as they solved several puzzles, unlocking various envelopes and boxes along the way. These [escape] rooms are constructed in a way that requires students to work together and communicate, and these students did an amazing job! They solved everything from Sudoku and 63-piece jigsaw puzzles to Bible crosswords and tangrams in 45 minutes, and they tackled each puzzle with unwavering optimism and teamwork.”

Congratulations to all the students for your achievements in these programs, and thank you to Mrs. Reichert, Mrs. Nielson, and Mrs. Maxim for providing these opportunities for our students.