In early November, Everest was pleased to be the first school in Michigan to host the Good News! Book Fair. Founded in November 2014, the Good News! Book Fair is all about spreading the Good News of love, charity, and compassion while inspiring others to enjoy reading.

During the event, Chris Stepien, author of Three Days, The Search for the Boy Messiah, visited Everest Academy on Monday, November 5. Individual classes had the opportunity to meet the author and ask questions about the book. Students were curious about what Jesus may have been like as a twelve-year-old boy. Conversations also centered on how life would have been different during Jesus’ time. Mr. Stepiens also signed books for the students.

Special thanks to librarian Julie Werner for coordinating this year’s book fair. Hosting the Good News! Book Fair with their offering of fun and wholesome books, movies, and gifts was an excellent experience. Everest is pleased to offer resources to its families that are in line with its mission and identity.