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“We Are All Wonders” was the theme of this year’s senior girls’ retreat, held at Queen of the Family Retreat Center November 5-6.  The retreat began with games, followed by dinner and the movie Wonder.  Later during Eucharistic adoration, formation instructor Rose Wieber led the girls in a reflection about the way God sees them and the gifts they can offer the world.

The theme was brought home in a special way the next morning with a visit to Angels’ Place, a facility for adults with disabilities.  Students had the opportunity to work one-on-one with the residents on various projects (worksheets, coloring, preparing lunch), assisting and encouraging them along the way.  When asked to describe her experience of the visit to Angels’ Place in one word, Anna Beer chose the word “wonder,” reflecting on how she and her classmates were able to see the residents as wonders.  Each senior chose to her own word to summarize her experience:

Kateri – GRATEFUL – “I was happy to get the opportunity to try something new and share my gifts with someone in need.”

Madelyn – INTERESTING – “It was an interesting experience because it’s not something I usually do.”

Katelyn – FULL OF AWE – “Full of awe because of all the dedication and time given by everyone.”

Kirsty – PATIENCE – “It takes a lot of time and energy to take care of them, and I appreciate those who dedicate their time to helping.”

Olivia – SPECIAL – “Because not every day do we see love and joy this extraordinary.”

Leah – DIFFERENT – “It’s different from things I do every day… good different.”

Serra – INSPIRATIONAL – “It’s inspiring to see how much these people are capable of, and it makes me want to help people like that every day.”

Grace – JOYFUL – “The minute I walked in I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.  The joy they felt made me so happy to be there to help.”

Kendall – MEANINGFUL – “Because we got to experience the real world and all the different people in it.”

Mia – INSPIRED – “Being so underestimated, they showed that they are capable, and it truly inspired me to push myself to my own limits and help others to do the same.”

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